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Edm, Gloving, and Raving

Exactly what the title says. This blog will be blogging about rave/underground/commercial EDM oncerts, gloving culture, and everything weird.

Gloving Is An Art

Art has continued to transform into many forms. Painting, sculpture, photography, and music and other forms of art have provided a lot of inspirations to people to live and progress. One of the most modern forms of art is gloving.

What is gloving? What makes it a very popular art in these modern times? Is it just all about purchasing a set of gloves or is it more than that?

History of Gloving

Gloving is a form of dancing that is showcased in numerous music and dance fests in different countries, especially in the United States of America. The dancers wear special gloves that have LED lights on the fingertips, and they compete with other groups to showcase their passion for dancing and the art.

When has gloving started to proliferate? An entrepreneur encountered this idea in 2010, and he was amazed by the potential of the glove dance. His company, the Emazing Lights, has been producing gloves with LED lights since then and has been earning millions of dollars in annual revenues.

Gloving: Creating Modern and Artistic Dance Fests

Dancing has always been a passion of many societies. Many local and international dance competitions are organized yearly, and the amazing gloving technique continues to be patronized. In fact, its followers grow year per year, and many people take advantage of LED-lighted gloves to have unique costumes during music and dance fests or concerts.
An annual gloving competition is also held to allow hundreds of competitors or groups of dancers in showcasing their unique talent in dancing.

Gloving Light Show

Many modern cities and countries admire light shows where darkness is filled with amazing moving lights. These light shows serve as forms of entertainment that amaze a lot of people from different ages. Glove light shows become a rave dance that many societies embrace to feel more energized and thrilled in the night or in the middle of the dark.

Who are the famous glovers in the world? Top glovers or light show performers include Munch, Gummy and Skittles, Kushion, Mimik, and Ice Cream Teddy. Their YouTube videos earn thousands and millions of views.

All about Emazing Lights

LightsGloving can never be complete without Emazing Lights spreading LED gloves around the world. The company offers different types of glove sets. Here are the options that anyone could choose from when purchasing glove sets for light shows.


  • Just The Tip Glove Set
  • Dark Skittles Glove Set
  • Toxic Cheerios Glove Set
  • Subsonic Glove Set
  • Anime Expo Glove Set
  • Tropical Paradise
  • eLite Chroma24 Glove Set
  • eLite Element Glove Set

There are a lot more rave gloves to choose from and the price of these sets range from less than a hundred dollars to more than a hundred fifty.

Gloving needs to be equipped not only with a set of gloves but also with accessories and batteries. Emazing Lights sells batteries and different types of diffusers. These accessories make gloving more enjoyable because gloves need not be disposed right after the battery dies or when one is tired of its design. Glovers could utilize the accessories to develop further their gloving techniques or styles.

Light Up Apparel in Gloving

Are gloves the only tools that can be placed safely with LED lights? There are also many awesome shirts or apparel that consumers could play with or enjoy. These light up shirts make music and dance festivals more fun, colourful, and exciting.
Here are examples of light up apparel to order in Emazing Lights.


  • Kaleidoscope Dank Head LED Shirt
  • Autobots LED Shirt
  • Disco Ball with Headphones
  • Electric Styles Light Up Navy Sailor Hat
  • Sound Reactive Shutter Glasses
  • Electric Styles Trap Light Up Snapback
  • Impulse Light Up 2 Color Wayfarer Glasses
  • Drop Shades Sound Reactive Glasses

These apparel and a lot more could be used in parties at night. DJs, dancers, musicians, singers, or attendees or participants could shine easily and get a lot of fun partying the night away with these very amazing and fabulous apparels.

Gloving: A Trendsetter

For individuals or companies who would like to organize unique parties or gatherings, gloving is one condition or standard that could be set to make every person participate with the event. A lot of people, especially the shy ones, will never be afraid to perform because what matters most in their performance is the ability to shake and move their hands to showcase different patterns of light. Dancing becomes more fun, and videos become more interesting because the event lets every performer go out of their boundaries and showcase their trendsetting dancing style.


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