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Edm, Gloving, and Raving

Exactly what the title says. This blog will be blogging about rave/underground/commercial EDM oncerts, gloving culture, and everything weird.

Rave Gloves and the Origin

The Making Of The Perfect Rave Gloves

Inovas and phantoms were the only things which were being used in rave parties till about a decade ago. However, things have changed now and the latest accessory for all rave party performances is a rave glove. These rave gloves and gloving have both become an integral part of all rave party scenes. The use of these gloves started somewhere around the early 200s, when some genius (possibly Brian Lim but not sure) came out with the idea of putting lights on the cotton fingertips of the gloves of the dancers or performers. And with this invention, the face of dancing at these parties changed forever. Now these dances are a lot more colorful and fun than they were ever before. And to add all this fun and colorful to your performance, all you have to do is move your hands and fingers in the right manner.

The use of these rave gloves in dance performances has come a long way. From the time of their introduction, when they were being used only for performances at rave parties, today, these gloves and the associated gloving dance style are now being used in almost all dance acts and have managed to develop itself into an art form, which has earned the respect of dancers all over the world.

There are two main parts of these gloves.


The first and the most obvious main part of these gloves is the glove itself. The choice of the glove for this purpose is very crucial. Most of the dancers and performers prefer to use white gloves, which are also quite stretchable. These gloves are also called as magic stretches. Finding these gloves is not difficult at all. One can buy them easily on any online site and they are also available at the local clothing shops as well. These gloves are used for many other purposes as well. Many clothing manufacturers use these gloves as a lining for their fancy gloves while many other individuals may be using these gloves to tackle light winters. Therefore, if you are living in a cold country, finding these white, stretchable gloves should not be a problem for you and for the rest, you can always go online and find them there pretty conveniently.


The second most important and essential part of rave gloves are lights. Emazing Lights probably carries the best lights IMHO. These lights are just as important a part of these gloves as the glove itself. Each fingertip of the glove is fitted with separate light or bulb and therefore, has a separate case, chip, diffuser and bulb. Thus, in case one of the finger lights goes off, you do not need to change all the lights, but simply the single finger light can be repaired or replaced. Depending on your choreography, you can either place a single color light on all fingers or go in for a separate color for each finger.
Let us try to understand the various parts of these lights:

Case – The outer piece of the light which is generally made of plastic is called the case. There are many different types, styles and brands of cases available in the market, but should always try to buy a case belonging to a good company. The case chosen should be small in size and extremely comfortable. Another point to consider when selecting these cases is that they should allow a variety of chips to be fitted inside them.

Chips - The small circuit boards which run inside a case are called the chips. These chips usually are pretty easy to replace since all that one needs to do is to slip them inside the case. It does not take more than a couple of seconds to change the chips of a bulb. These chips have many different modes present in them and depending on their mode, they interact differently with the bulbs. Functions like fading, strobing, ribbon, etc., all can be incorporated to each fingertip with the help of the different modes of these chips.

Bulb – There are hundreds of different colors, patterns and designs of bulbs which are present in the market. In fact, the presence of this wide variety in the style of these bulbs is one of the primary factors which have contributed greatly to the ever increasing popularity of gloving. There is so much variety present in the market for these bulbs, that it is very difficult to find two sets of rave gloves which have a similar lighting system. Thus, depending on your taste, style and requirements, you can choose any set of bulbs to be fitted in your gloves. There is no rule to this fitting, it can be done in any manner. Therefore, the final fitting of these bulbs on your gloves will depend on the creativity of the makers or designers of these gloves. However, when getting the fitting done make sure that each bulb is able to perform various functions and try to use different colors rather than going in for one single color bulbs.

Diffuser - The diffuser is the cap, which is placed on top of the bulb. It is this diffuser which is responsible for the spread of the light from the bulb in different directions, and it also helps in giving the light a trailing effect. Like all the other components, these diffusers are also easily available in the market and there are many brands present for the same as well. However, good quality here is of prime importance, since if the light is not able to dissipate in the right manner, then the entire show will turn out to be a big flop and all the efforts would go waste.

Gloving, like any other dance form, is an expression of feelings and emotions. The use of lights in this dance form gives more depth to whatever you are trying to communicate through your dance. Therefore, it is important that the lights used, and each part of the light used in these dances should be of top quality or else your communication and connect with the audiences will also get compromised.


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