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Edm, Gloving, and Raving

Edm, Gloving, and Raving

Exactly what the title says. This blog will be blogging about rave/underground/commercial EDM oncerts, gloving culture, and everything weird.

A Little More 411 On Gloving

Gloving is not a crime.
Gloving is not a crime.

GlovingLights Becoming An Important Part Of The Light Shows Happening All Over The World

Light shows have always been an important part of rave parties. Gloving, however, is something new and is slowly becoming popular in the rave community. Today, if you attend any rave party, you would surely be able to witness a glove light show happening at the party. The artists, who perform these dance acts with gloves, have become a sort of a celebrity at these parties. As a result of this increased popularity and demand, the number of people performing this dance form has also increased, but still since the dance form is quite technical in nature and required loads of practice to be able to perform it to perfection, therefore, the number of dance troops, who are able to deliver a great show are still limited.

There are basically three styles of light dance shows that are performed all over the world. A typical dance group may either specialize in any one of the three styles, or they may have various different performers in their group who would be able to together perform all the three styles of this dance, including gloving gloves.

The three styles of light dances have been discussed below:


The first style of light dance that you would generally find in a rave party is freehand. This is the most popular and widely performed dance style of groups who may also perform gloving glove dance. In this style of dance, the dancer makes use of micro lights or glow sticks. The glow sticks used during this dance are similar to the glow sticks that one would take for camping, and the micro lights are small lights, the size of a key chain and have LED bulbs inside them. The dancers move around these lights in their hands to form beautiful formations with these lights. More focus is on the light movements rather than the performance of the dancer himself.

Poi Light Shows

This dance form also makes use of the same glow sticks and micro lights which are used in the above freehand style of dancing, but the difference here is that these lights are attached to strings. Therefore, it is recommended that this dance form should be viewed from a little distance. This dance form, which involves swinging the lights in different circular motions, is also known as stringing.

Glove Set

This dance form is more closely related to the freehand style of dancing. The focus in this sort of dance is mostly on the hands or the gloves of the dancer, although, a little attention may also be given to the rest of the body movements of the dancer as well. This is the newest style of light dancing. In spite of being relatively new in the market, it has managed to catch the fancy of many people and hence has become extremely popular, in fact, whenever arranging a rave party, people these days are especially demanding for a glove light show to be arranged for the same.

Other than in rave parties, slowly, this dance form is finding a place for itself in the mainstream dancing as well.

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